By: The BCS2000 Fairtrade Committee

Becoming a Fairtrade School

The BCS2000 Grade 6 class started a Fairtrade Project in October 2017.  Their goal is to receive the Fairtrade School designation before next School year!

To become a Fairtrade School, they had to follow four steps.

Create a Fairtrade Committee: It is made up of four teachers and seven students
Have Classroom Instruction on Fairtrade: This is happening within Gr. 6-8 so far!
Have Public Communication and Events: They hosted Fundraisers, put up posters and Social Media posts, and held a Fairtrade Display Night in May, which is Fairtrade month.
Product Availability: They have products available twice daily at BCS2000
The Grade 6’s wanted to bring awareness to the community and educate their school and community on what Fairtrade is.  In the process, they expanded their own global awareness, and started a successful Fairtrade Program in their school.  This is their starting point, but there is much more to explore and expand into.  Fingers crossed that BCS2000 will receive a Fairtrade School Designation!